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Canadian Paediatric Society

Child and Youth Maltreatment

Formed in 2003, the Child and Youth Maltreatment Section provides a network for paediatricians, social workers, legal professionals and others working to address child and youth maltreatment. The section encourages the prevention of child and youth maltreatment by stimulating research in the field, disseminating knowledge for the purpose of improving identification, treatment, and management of maltreatment, and advocating for measures to promote the healthy development of children and youth. The section maintains links to external agencies and groups that work to promote the welfare of children and youth.

Section fee: $24

What's new?

The Alberta Network for Safe and Healthy Children has produced a video on Coping When Your Baby Can't Stop Crying

Read about the Section’s successful application to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to consider child maltreatment paediatrics as a defined field of practice in the Paediatric Post

The Child and Youth Maltreatment Section is taking on the task of creating a ‘one-stop shop’ for services available in Canada with regards to maltreatment programs.  The collection of this information will offer a comprehensive resource for individuals including residents, physicians, paediatricians, health professionals, police, legal professionals, and child protection agencies looking for maltreatment programs and services across Canada.  Click here to view a listing of maltreatment programs in Canada.

Contact with any comments or ideas for the section.

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Last updated: Aug 24 2017