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Canadian Paediatric Society

Hospital Paediatrics

Established in 2005, the Hospital Paediatrics Section is a network of paediatricians and other allied health professionals practicing in a clinical hospital setting and interested in exploring the unique aspects of caring for hospitalized children. The section focuses on education, research, program management and clinical care.

The section has captured the interest of many paediatricians, and has a rapidly growing membership. A diverse group, section members come from across Canada and range from health care professionals with rural practices to those working in large academic centres to community paediatricians who care for their hospitalized patients to full-time hospitalists. Together, the section collaboratively explores research questions in the area of hospital paediatrics, improve the educational experiences of learners interested in hospital paediatrics, and to participate in the advancement of patient safety and improving the quality of care for hospitalized children.

Section fee: $24

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

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Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Mosby, 2007
Editors Zaoutis and Chang
ISBN 978-0-323-03004-5

Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Editors, Perkins and Ronald
Lippincott, William and Wilkins

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Last updated: Aug 24 2017