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About ACoRN

What is ACoRN?

ACoRN is a program designed to teach neonatal stabilization, support the multidisciplinary team, and identify and care for babies who become unwell or are at risk of becoming unwell in the first few hours or days after birth.

ACoRN uses a logical and systematic approach, as well as innovative learning tools and decision-making algorithms to: 

  • Gather and organize information
  • Establish priorities
  • Intervene appropriately 

ACoRN introduces knowledge and skills sequentially, using a case-based approach.  It is designed to be useful regardless of a condition’s complexity or how frequently a practioner is called upon to manage specific conditions. 

Program overview

ACoRN aims to teach the concepts and basic skills of a neonatal stabilization and, where necessary, preparation for transport to a referral facility.  It was specifically designed to meet the needs or practioners who may be faced with an at-risk or ill-baby.

Like neonatal resuscitation, stabilization is most effective when performed by a well coordinated interdisciplinary team. 

ACoRN uses clinical scenarios to enrich learning and to reflect an interdisciplinary to approach to clinical care, teaching and evaluation.

ACoRN reinforces principles viewed as essential for neonatal care: 

  1. Family-centered care, including support for parents and caregivers.
  2. Team-based care, promoting an interdisciplinary approach to training and practice. 
  3. Regionalized care, promoting liaison between referring and referral centres.
  4. Regionalized education, promoting an education-learner infrastructure based on existing outreach programs.
  5. Evidence-based care, firmly based on existing evidence and subject to ongoing peer-review and modification.
  6. Adult learning strategies, addressing the needs of practicioners using flexibility in delivery and content. 

Visit the ACoRN Education Program section for more details.

History of ACoRN

The idea behind the ACoRN program came about on a table napkin in a Winnipeg diner more than 10 years ago.  Throughout the years, the program has become an established national education standard, now being taught internationally.

The founding members created the ACoRN Neonatal Society and are dedicating themselves to producing an education program that would fill gaps in stabilization.

ACoRN Founding Members

Last updated: Apr 30 2018