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Canadian Paediatric Society

Michel Weber Education Award

Established in 2008, the Michel Weber Education Award recognizes a CPS member whose work in medical and/or inter-professional education has had a significant and positive impact on learners in child and youth health.

Recipients receive both a commemorative plaque and a cash award of $1,000 to be presented at the CPS Annual Conference. The recipient will have all appropriate travel expenses and conference registration covered and will receive complimentary CPS membership for one year. 


Current recipient(s): Dr. Élisabeth Rousseau

Dr. Élisabeth Rousseau

Dr. Élisabeth Rousseau (Montreal, Que.) receives the Michel Weber Education Award for inspiring, mentoring and fostering clinical excellence in paediatrics, in Canada and across the francophone world.  Dr. Rousseau began her practice and teaching in France, where she completing training. But it was not until she emigrated to Canada in 1974 that Dr. Rousseau’s wide-ranging interests in intensive care, social paediatrics and nutrition found their current home at Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal. Dr. Rousseau was an outstanding university lecturer at the Université de Montreal when class instruction was the norm, and she has  and excelled in every teaching form that followed. She developed cases for ‘Growth, development and aging,’ the first problem-based course to be taken by every first-year medical student. At bedside, her unique interrogative style—combining expert knowledge, a humanist outlook and Belgian chocolate—has engaged generations of medical learners. She developed numerous technology-based teaching aids over her career, including specialist tools for clinical problem-solving and diagnostics, which she designed while on sabbatical at the University of Maastricht. Back in Montreal, she joined the Centre de pédagogie appliqué aux sciences de la santé, where her colleagues benefitted directly from both her experience and skills. Along with being a tenured professor, Dr. Rousseau has taken on leadership roles in education. She directed paediatric residency training at University of Montreal and Ste. Justine for nearly a decade, and the paediatric component of the family medicine residency program for 5 years. She was vice president of the specialty examination committee of the RCPSC for 20 years and, most recently, has been a member of the medical education committee of the department of pediatrics.

About Dr. Michel Weber

Dr. Michel Weber was a passionate paediatric educator. His teaching focused not only on the needs of his students, but reflected his desire to teach in a relaxed atmosphere based on mutual respect of educator and learner.

Dr. Weber completed his paediatric residency at the Université de Montréal. In 1973 he began practicing paediatrics at le CHU Sainte-Justine. He quickly ascended the academic ranks to become assistant professor in 1979 and full professor in 1988. He sat on the Université de Montréal medical education committee for 18 years. As an educator, Dr. Weber believed in the value of teaching with case reports. He touched many different aspects of teaching including the pre-clinic phase of medical education, residency training and continuing medical education and wrote many books to help fill a void when there was a lack of French resource books.

Dr. Weber received many awards throughout his life in recognition of his important contribution to teaching.



Candidates must:

  • Be CPS members who are paediatricians or paediatric subspecialists.
  • Have a long history of involvement in paediatric educational initiatives that may include teaching, curriculum development, evaluation, educational administration/leadership, publication of educational research, scholarly articles on education, development of educational policy, etc.
  • Have a significant impact (national and/or international) in the delivery of education in paediatrics, and/or
  • Have made an innovative educational contribution to paediatric education, and/or
  • Have demonstrated sustained excellence in teaching.

Nominations must be resubmitted each year for consideration. Current CPS board and Awards Committee members are not eligible for nomination and cannot nominate candidates while serving their terms.



Submissions must include the following:

  • Letters of support from the nominator and seconder, both of which are CPS members, describing how the nominee meets the above criteria. The seconder must have been a recipient of the nominee’s educational contributions.
  • An updated curriculum vitae for the candidate

Submit your nominations using the Submit Nomination button.

This award is sponsored by the University of Montreal’s Department of Pediatrics.


Past recipients


Dr. Mona Jabbour


Dr. Jean-François Lemay


Dr. Sarah E. Lawrence


Dr. Robert Hilliard


Dr. Jonathan Kronick


Dr. Anna Jarvis


Dr. Wade Watson

Last updated: Jul 26 2017