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Canadian Paediatric Society

Life Membership

Life Membership is an honour reserved for members who have made a significant contribution to the CPS. Life members have demonstrated tremendous dedication to advancing the health of children by supporting the work of the CPS.

Recipients receive complimentary life membership in the CPS (effective the next membership year), complimentary registration to the CPS Annual Conference for life, complimentary registration to the Lifelong Learning in Paediatrics courses each year, as well as all other membership benefits enjoyed by Fellow members of the CPS.

The award is presented during the CPS Annual Conference.


Current recipient(s): Dr. Marie Gauthier

Dr. Marie Gauthier

Dr. Marie Gauthier (Montreal, Que.) is being awarded CPS Life Membership for years of work in statement writing committees, on the CPS Board of Directors, and with Paediatrics & Child Health as senior assistant editor. Dr. Gauthier has combined an outstanding clinical career at St. Justine Hospital and teaching at the University of Montreal with her ongoing commitment to the CPS. She reviews translated CPS statements and practice points to make sure they stay true to the originals and meet the needs of francophone readers. Her role involves a broad medical knowledge, attention to detail, knowledge of the CPS and a love of the French language, qualities which Dr. Gauthier possesses in full measure and generously shares.

Current recipient(s): Dr. Susan Tallett

Dr. Sue Tallett (Toronto, Ont.) receives CPS Life Membership for helping to shape CPS professional education for the past 20 years. She had leadership roles on the Continuing Professional Development Committee (which she chaired from 2005 to 2011) and on the Paediatric Education Subcommittee, and was instrumental in securing (in 2000) and maintaining the CPS’s accredited provider status with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Representing Ontario on the CPS Board of Directors from 2006 to 2012, Dr. Tallett’s interests in curriculum development, workload measures, interprofessional education and patient safety found further expression on the CPS Annual Conference and Strategic Plan Review Subcommittees.


The Membership Subcommittee will judge candidates based on:

  • Time spent volunteering on the CPS board, committees, and/or sections;
  • Volunteering as a spokesperson for the CPS;
  • Advocating on behalf of the CPS;
  • Promoting the CPS and its work.

Nominations will be held for two consecutive years but must be formally resubmitted following the two year period to be reconsidered. A maximum of two life memberships will be granted per year.

Current voting members of the CPS Board of Directors and Membership Subcommittee are not eligible.



Submissions must include:

  • Letters from both the nominator and seconder, both of whom are CPS members, describing how the nominee meets the above criteria.
  • An updated curriculum vitae for the candidate.

Submit your nominations using the Submit Nomination button.


Past recipients


Dr. Ann Jefferies


Dr. Heather Onyett


Drs. Joanne Embree, Scott Halperin, Dorothy Moore and David Scheifele


Drs. Jean-Yves Frappier and Richard Stanwick


Drs. Noni MacDonald, Douglas McMillan and Gary Pekeles


Dr. Bob Issenman


Drs. Emmett Francoeur, Danielle Grenier and Denis Leduc


Drs. Jack Holland and John Watts


Drs. Elizabeth Ford-Jones, Elizabeth Hillman and Diane Sacks


Drs. Judith Hall and Gilles Delage


Drs. Robert Haslam and John Godel


Drs. Alexander Allen and Ron Gold


Drs. Maurice Bouchard and James Carter


Drs. Barrett Adams, Eugene Outerbridge, and Claude Paré


Ms. Nicole Menzies


Dr. Nicholas Steinmetz


Dr. James Strain


Dr. Pamela Fitzhardinge


Drs. Clarke Fraser and Morag Gilchrist

Last updated: Jul 12 2017