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Canadian Paediatric Society

Career Research Award

Established in 2009, the Career Research Award is a biennial award that recognizes the career of an outstanding and accomplished researcher working on an aspect of paediatric research in Canada.

The award is presented during the CPS Annual Conference. The recipient is awarded a commemorative plaque and a $1,000 donation will be made to the child and youth focused charity of the recipient’s choice. The recipient also receives a complimentary CPS membership for 1 year. 

Awarded every other year, the next award will be presented in 2018.


Current recipient(s): Dr. Grant Mitchell

Dr. Grant Mitchell

Dr. Grant A. Mitchell (Montréal, Que.) receives a Career Research Award for groundbreaking research into medical genetics and for mentoring the next generation of clinicians and researchers in the area of inborn errors of metabolism. Dr. Mitchell trained as a paediatrician and geneticist at SickKids Hospital, Hôpital Sainte-Justine and Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades in Paris. While a research fellow at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, he successfully characterized the molecular basis for a retinal disorder causing blindness. This award-winning breakthrough was one of the first molecular characterizations of an inborn error of metabolism, an area of gene research he has pursued ever since as part of a unique research program he developed at Université de Montréal/Hôpital Sainte-Justine.

Dr. Mitchell’s work ranges from animal modelling to novel therapeutic approaches to genetic diseases. His studies of lipolysis have contributed hugely to our understanding of obesity and its management, and his knowledge of fatty acids and ketone metabolism is world-renowned. He has assembled and follows the world’s largest cohort of patients with a liver disorder called tyrosinemia, which can now—thanks largely to his own work—be successfully screened for and treated. Dr. Mitchell has also characterized several metabolic conditions that are common in Quebec.

Dr. Mitchell has published widely—his more definitive papers are still being quoted more than a quarter of a century after they were first released—and is the editor of the influential text The Molecular and Metabolic Basis of Inherited Disease. He is a full professor of paediatrics at Université de Montréal since 2002, with cross-appointment to the departments of biochemistry and nutrition. Dr. Mitchell has played a pivotal role locally, nationally and internationally in transforming genetics into a discipline that underpins almost all aspects of medicine.


Nominees should be actively engaged in research and be a MD and/or a PhD. The recipient should be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, hold an appointment at a Canadian university, hospital or research institute, and have conducted the majority of their career research in Canada.

The Awards Committee will judge candidates based on:

  • The impact of the research demonstrated by the number of publications, quality of journal in which work is published, participation in national and international scientific symposia/meetings, academic visits, grant review panels and like activities.
  • The influence of the nominee on others to develop research careers.
  • Novel collaborative relationships (national or international) created by the nominee that have enhanced the body of research knowledge.



Submissions must include:

  • Letters of support from the nominator and seconder, both of which are CPS members, describing how the nominee meets the above criteria. One of these letters must be from outside the candidate’s institution. Maximum 3 pages. The letters should clearly demonstrate the impact th candidate’s research has had on child health. 
  • Updated curriculum vitae for the candidate. Maximum 5 pages.

Submit your nominations using the Submit Nomination button.

Sponsored by the Department of Paediatrics, The Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto.


Past recipients


Dr. Alex MacKenzie


Dr. Francine Ducharme


Drs. Peter and Carol Camfield

Last updated: Jul 12 2017