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Canadian Paediatric Society

Young Investigator Award

Formerly known as the CPS Research Award, the award was established in 1999 and recognizes basic or clinical research accomplishments of a young investigator in fields that benefit child and youth health.

The award is presented during the CPS Annual Conference. The recipient is awarded a commemorative plaque, cash prize and complimentary CPS membership for one year. 

Awarded every other year, the next award will be presented in 2019.


Current recipient(s): Dr. Luis Barreiro

Dr. Luis Barreiro

Dr. Luis Barreiro (Montreal, Que.) receives the Young Investigator Award for breakthrough research in population genetics and immune genomics. He is an Assistant Professor at the Université de Montreal and directs studies at the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre. Dr. Barreiro’s research program integrates genomic tools with evolutionary biology to help identify genetic markers that explain variation in immune responses to infection across individuals and different human populations. Dr. Barreiro’s work was the first to show how natural selection still influences human evolution today, and how historic selection events are currently impacting our susceptibility to several diseases. Beyond his research work, Dr. Barreiro devotes time to teaching, both lecturing and supervising students in his laboratory. Dynamic, stimulating work and a creative environment have drawn many keen trainees and graduate students into this promising field. Dr. Barreiro’s work has been widely recognized in the media, with features in The New York Times, The Economist and National Geographic.


Nominees should be a MD and/or a PhD.  They should be less than 40 years old on the first day of the CPS Annual Conference at which the award is presented or be within 7 years of their first faculty appointment in Canada. The recipient should also be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and hold an appointment at a Canadian university, hospital or research institute.

The Awards Committee will judge candidates based on:

  • The focus of the research on an identifiable theme
  • The research has a clear current or future impact on research, practice and policy.



Submissions must include:

  • Letter of support from a CPS member, emphasizing the originality and significance of the scientific accomplishments of the candidate and highlighting the three or four most important publications of the candidate. Maximum 3 pages.
  • Updated curriculum vitae for the candidate. 

Submit your nominations using the Submit Nomination button.

Sponsored by McMaster University Department of Pediatrics.


Past recipients


Dr. Amanda Newton


Dr. Jonathon Maguire


Dr. Ellyanne Ratcliffe


Dr. Geoff Ball


Dr. Constantin Polychronakos


Dr. Berge A. Minassian


Dr. Bernard Thébaud


Dr. Michael Kramer


Dr. Robert Bortolussi, Dr. David Byers


Dr. Norman Rosenblum


Dr. Tim Oberlander


Dr. Sylvain Chemtob


Dr. Shoo K. Lee


Dr. Anthony Chan

Last updated: Jul 12 2017