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Geoffrey C. Robinson Award

The Geoffrey C. Robinson Award recognizes outstanding contributions to child and youth health through research in the field of population health or health services research within the last five years.

Established in 2001, this award is funded by an endowment established by the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia and British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, in recognition of Dr. Geoffrey C. Robinson’s outstanding contribution to improving the health of children and youth.

The award is presented during the CPS Annual Conference. The recipient is awarded a commemorative plaque, a gift of $1,000 and a complimentary CPS membership for one year.

Awarded every other year, the next award will be presented in 2019.


Current recipient(s): Dr. Suzanne Tough

Dr. Suzanne Tough

Dr. Suzanne C Tough (Calgary, Alta.), internationally renowned for her population health and health services research, is the deserving recipient of the Geoffrey C. Robinson Award. Throughout her career, Dr. Tough has harnessed scholarship and research to meet real needs of policy makers, decision makers and program planners; and develops research programs to answer questions that matter most to them. She shares her data with policy and program leaders in government and partnering NGO’s, as well as internationally, with direct implications for health service delivery and low-cost community-based programming. Rising rates of preterm birth in Alberta NICUs prompted Dr. Tough to research risk factors. When she discovered that low knowledge of reproductive health effectively drove others, such as alcohol use during pregnancy and delayed child-bearing, she helped develop preventive guidelines on these very topics that are widely used in Canada and elsewhere.  As scientific director of  Policy Wise for Children and Families and the inaugural  scientific director of the Maternal Newborn Child and Youth Strategic Clinical Network, Dr. Tough uses data to mobilize community programs, sharing information across disciplines and with a wide range of experts. She can target underserved populations in Canada, such as Indigenous children and youth or children with FASD, and internationally, through work with the WHO. She also mentors academics and trainees who make policy and program relevance a focus of research. 


About Dr. Geoffrey C. Robinson

Vancouver paediatrician Dr. Geoffrey C. Robinson, whose distinguished career has spanned five decades, developed innovative programs such as care-by-parent wards, community outreach programs, province-wide developmental disabilities centres, and comprehensive paediatric care.



Nominees should be researchers active in population health and/or health services research (research that informs policy and decision makers at a population rather than individual level) involving the health of children or youth. The recipient must be a Canadian citizen but need not be a CPS member and must hold an appointment at a Canadian university, hospital or institute. 

The Awards Committee will judge candidates based on:

  • The research must contribute to the field of population health and/or health services research related to children and youth.
  • The research must fit into the overall contribution made by the nominee.
  • The research must fit into the overall contribution made by the nominee.
  • The body of work must meet national and international standards of excellence.
  • The body of work must have contributed to changes in policy or practice that have improved the health or have the potential to improve the health of children and/or youth.

Nominations must be formally resubmitted each year to be reconsidered. Current CPS board and Awards Committee members are not eligible for nomination and cannot nominate candidates while serving their terms.



Submissions must include:

  • A letter from the nominator clearly describing the nominee’s research contribution. The letter should address the criteria listed above. Maximum three pages.
  • The candidate’s CV and a list of publications.
  • Nominator must be a CPS member.

Submit your nominations using the Submit Nomination button.


Past recipients


Dr. Sheila Innis


Dr. Reg Sauve


Dr. Clyde Hertzman


Dr. Gabrielle deVeber


Dr. K.S. Joseph


Dr. Charlene Robertson


Dr. James Emery Jan

Last updated: Jul 12 2017