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The CPS is the only national organization of paediatricians in Canada. With more than 3,000 members, the CPS is uniquely positioned to speak to the health needs of Canadian children and youth. CPS spokespeople work in hospitals, universities, clinics and private practices across the country. They can address a range of issues affecting the health, development and safety of babies, children and teens.


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Feb 26 2016

Decisions about assisted death for ‘mature minors’ need broad consultation and more data

A three-year deadline to enact legislation on physician-assisted dying for “mature minors” may not be enough time to gather adequate and appropriate information about whether the practice should be extended to children and youth.

Feb 5 2016

Paediatricians continue to encourage watch-and-wait for ear infections

Paediatricians continue to encourage doctors to ‘watch and wait’ before treating most ear infections with antibiotics in healthy children over six months of age.

Dec 11 2015

Paediatricians call for careful evaluation of the use of cannabis for medical purposes in children

In a statement released today, the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) calls for careful evaluation of both the safety and efficacy of using cannabis to treat certain paediatric health conditions.

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May 14 2015

Doctors urge label change for nosodes, sometimes called ‘homeopathic vaccines’

Canadian Press · Helen Branswell · The Canadian Paediatric Society is urging Health Canada to tighten the rules on the labelling of homeopathic nosodes, which are sometimes referred to as "homeopathic vaccines."

Mar 23 2015

Newborn eye drop treatment ‘doesn’t work,’ say pediatricians who want law repealed

CBC News · Canadian pediatricians are calling for changes to what they consider an ineffective medical treatment for newborn babies: antibiotic eye drops to prevent sexually transmitted infections from mothers.

Jul 2 2014

Read to baby from day one, say pediatricians

Radio Canada International · Lynn Desjardins · CPS spokesperson and CHEO paediatrician, Dr. Alyson Shaw, recommends parents read, speak and sing to their babies every day.


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