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Are We Doing Enough?
A status report on Canadian public policy and child and youth health

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The Canadian Paediatric Society’s biennial status report Are We Doing Enough? evaluates public policies affecting children and youth in Canada. It charts how well provincial/territorial and federal governments use their legislative powers to promote specific health and safety issues affecting young people. This 5th edition introduces new indicators, such as breastfeeding promotion, child death review processes and the management of type 1 diabetes in schools, and updates progress on critical fronts reviewed in 2012. Are We Doing Enough? helps governments – and health care providers working with them – to take steps to improve and advance their public agendas in four key areas, based on specific needs and best evidence. The report's online format allows the CPS to track progress and update ratings and comments in real time. 

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Federal Government Policies and Programs

Federal Government Policies and Programs


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Cette publication est aussi disponible en français sous le titre : En faisons-nous assez? Un rapport de la situation des politiques publiques canadiennes et de la santé des enfants et des adolescents (ISSN 1913-5661)