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Canadian Paediatric Society

Editorial Board

Paediatric & Child Health’s Editorial Board includes paediatricians (generalists, subspecialists, and consulting paediatricians who practice in smaller communities far from major tertiary care centres), paediatric fellows, as well as representatives from the CPS Board of Directors, the CPS Residents Section and the Paediatric Chairs of Canada. The editorial board also reflects geographic diversity—important for bringing forward advocacy issues.



Joan Robinson, MD

Edmonton, Alta.

Emeritus Senior Editors

Elizabeth Ford-Jones, MD

Toronto, Ont.

Robert Haslam, MD

Calgary, Alta.

Founding Editor

Noni MacDonald, MD

Halifax, N.S.

Senior Assistant Editors

Isabelle M. Chevalier, MD

Montreal, Que.

Anne Hicks, MD

Calgary, Alta.

Nicole Le Saux, MD

Ottawa, Ont.

Michael Rieder, MD

London, Ont.

Richard Stanwick, MD

Victoria, B.C.

Michael Weinstein, MD

Toronto, Ont.

Assistant Editors

Debbi Andrews, MD

Edmonton, Alta.

Mark Awuku, MD

Windsor, Ont.

Eyal Cohen, MD

Toronto, Ont.

Ann Jefferies, MD

Toronto, Ont.

Jemila Hamid, PhD

Hamilton, Ont.

Jonathan Kronick, MD

Toronto, Ont.

Alexander K.C. Leung, MD

Calgary, Alta.

Andrew Lynk, MD

Sydney, N.S.

Vicky Mah, MD

Calgary, Alta.

Michael Miller, PhD

London, Ont.

Ryan Smith, MD

Toronto, Ont.

Shazeen Suleman, MD

Toronto, Ont.

Henry Ukpeh, MD

Trail, B.C.

Sandra Woods, MD

Val d'Or, Que.

Christy Woolcott, PhD

Halifax, N.S.

Representing the CPS Board of Directors

Michael Dickinson, MD

Miramichi, N.B.

Representing Paediatric Chairs of Canada

Guido Filler, MD

London, Ont.

Editorial Coordinator

Lindsay Thistle

Ottawa, Ont.

Last updated: Jun 27 2016