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Canadian Paediatric Society

Running NRP courses

Here are some suggestions for running NRP courses:

Provider courses:

  • Ask participants to provide you with their unique email address. The new database now allows them to access their NRP profile and card at any time.
  • Participants need to successfully complete the Canadian online exam prior to attending the course, and to bring the “Certificate of Completion” with them to the course. 
  • Ensure your participants record the following information clearly and legibly on your sign-in or registration sheet. This is the information you will need to submit the roster.
    • First name and last name
    • Credential
    • Affiliated hospital or institution
    • City and province where they practice
    • Email address (unique to the participant)

It is especially important that names are spelled as they will appear on the Provider’s NRP card.

  • After your course, submit your course roster to the NRP Database.
  • New students will receive an email with information on how to retrieve their provider card, immediately after you submit the roster.

  • Students who have previously taken NRP will not receive an email, but can login to their existing account at any time to retrieve their provider card.

New Instructor courses

Last updated: Jun 22 2018