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NRP Online Exam FAQs

Where can I access the online exam?

You can find the online exam here.

Is the online exam available in English and French?

Yes, the online exam is available in English and French. 

What is the cost of the online exam?

Individual purchases
An individual access for the 6th edition is $ 23.50 USD, and $ 28.50 USD for the 7th edition. There is no charge for current Instructors. 

Bulk purchases
If your institution is purchasing exams in bulk, the cost will be determined by the number of exams purchased (see below for guidelines) for specific pricing contact your Institution or educator.

The 6th edition will be available until September 30, 2017

Prices are in USDIndividual 
50 Exams/yr
51-250 Exams/yrOver 250 Exams/yr
 HealthStream HLC Customers   $16.00  $12.80  $11.20
 Non HLC Customers   $20.00   $16.00  $14.00
  Individual Purchaser$23.50   
  Current NRP InstructorNo Charge   

7th edition

Prices are in USDIndividual 
50 Exams
51-100 Exams101-500
Over 500
  Individual Purchaser    $28.50    
  Current NRP Instructor  No Charge    
  Bulk purchases    $28.50   $ 27.00  $ 25.50  $ 24.00


What is the format of the new online exam? (New)

the 7th edition exam has been designed into two parts: lessons 1-5 and lessons 6-11. All exam lessons are now mandatory for all learners and NRP Instructors.

How long do I have to take the online exam?

6th edition
Learners have 14 days to complete the online exam. During that time, if unsuccessful, lessons can be retaken (rewritten) immediately, or on a different day. After 14 days, the online exam becomes invalid, and the learner needs to purchase another access and restart the process. The original exam fee will not be  refunded. NOTE: If you are required to take lessons 1-9, or 1-4, 9 you must complete all lessons before submitting lesson 9, or else it will automatically submit the entire exam.

7th edition
Learners have an unlimited amount of time to complete the exam.

What happens if I fail the online exam?                                      

6th edition
If the learner fails the online exam, they will need to contact their educator or NRP Instructor to obtain another online access or pay the exam fee and retake the entire exam. The original exam fee is not refunded.

7th edition
The exam allows for unlimited attempts which means that learners cannot fail the exam. 

How many times can I retake the exam?

6th edition
Learners can retake the exam as many times as needed, however they will need to pay the exam fee each time. We strongly encourage learners that have difficulty successfully completing the online exam to contact their Instructor or Instructor Trainer prior to the workshop.

7th edition
Learners can retake the exam as many times as needed.

Is the online exam an “open book” exam? 

Yes, the online exam is an “open book” test.   Taking the NRP exam online prior to the course encourages participants to be responsible for their own learning and lays the groundwork for successful completion of the other components of the face-to-face course. The exam is not timed (other than requiring completion within 14 days of initial log-on) and there is no requirement to be proctored while taking the exam.  Self-directed learners will take the online exam in a manner that enhances their understanding of the clinical content.

What is the passing mark for the online exam?

Learners must receive a minimum passing score of 80% in each lesson.

Will the Instructors take the same test as Providers?

Yes, Providers and Instructors will complete the same examination; however, because the examination questions are drawn from a pool of questions, and the order of questions and responses are randomized, the content of each examination will vary.

Do current Instructors need to pay for the exam?

Current NRP Instructors receive complimentary access to the NRP Online Exam, 7th edition. NRP Providers seeking to become Instructors and lapsed NRP Instructors will need to purchase the online examination.

Is there an alternative method of payment for online exam?

At this moment in time, we do not have an alternative payment for the online exam.  Only major Credit Cards are accepted.

I forgot to print my receipt, who do I contact for a re-print?

Your receipt can be found under your healthstream profile (please review the self-registration instructions) or you can also request a re-print of your receipt from the HealthStream Customer Support at 1-800-521-0574, or by email at

How many continuing education credits will I receive for the online exam?

Physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and emergency medical technicians are eligible for up to 9 hours (10 hours for the 7th edition) of continuing education credit. Actual credit assigned will depend on the number of lessons completed.

When do I need to teach my courses using the 7th edition online examination?

Although most Instructors will begin to use the 7th edition educational materials and online exam upon release, the implementation date for the 7th edition content is September 30, 2017.

When should I take the online exam?

The learner preparing for an NRP course should take the exam during the 30 days before the scheduled course.

Will I receive confirmation after completing the exam?

Yes, upon successful completion of the online exam, learners will receive an online examination verification certificate indicating the date and successful completion.  They may also choose to print the certificate of continuing education (CME) document. Both of these documents are valid for admission to an NRP course within 30 days of completion.

How do I prove that I have successfully completed the online exam?

Upon successful completion of the online exam, learners will receive an online examination verification and CME certificate. Either are proof of completion and at least one must be printed and brought to the scheduled course.

What if something unexpected happens online during testing?

HealthStream Customer Service is available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday (except major holidays) at

Who has to take the online exam?

All learners using the Neonatal Resuscitation Program, 6th Edition are required to take the NRP Online Exam, 6th edition. Providers are required to take the online exam within 30 days before their scheduled NRP Provider Course. Instructor trainers and Instructors are required to complete the online exam within 30 days of their renewal date.

What if the learner comes to the NRP course without taking the online exam? 

Participants of a course should all be made aware of the requirement for successful completion of the online exam prior to attending the face-to-face course, and as such, providers coming to the course without completing the exam should be an exception rather than a common occurrence. 

In such cases, the Instructor should use his or her discretion based on the individual circumstances.  Should the Instructor deem that the participant has not prepared adequately for the course and / or has limited background and experience in perinatal or neonatal care, it would be entirely appropriate to not admit them to the course.  If the Instructor is satisfied that the individual has prepared for the course and there were extenuating circumstances for not completing the online exam, they may use discretion in allowing them into the course.  In such cases, the learner cannot be entered onto the course roster or be eligible for registration as a Provider with the CPS until proof of successful completion is provided to the Instructor.  Verification must follow no later than 1 month after the course and may be sooner if directed by the Instructor.

 What should I do if a Provider fails the online exam? 

6th edition

The exam should be considered as both an evaluation tool and a learning tool.  Once registered for the online NRP exam, two attempts are permitted within 30 days. From an evaluation perspective, successful completion suggests that the participant has acquired sufficient content knowledge to attend a face-to-face course.

From a learning perspective, challenging questions allow the participant to identify knowledge gaps or errors and correct them.  If the gaps are numerous, the participant may “fail”, but will have an opportunity to review the textbook and retake once.  An “open book” approach may facilitate learning as participants can check information before submitting a response on-line.  If, despite two attempts, participants “fail” the online exam despite an “open book” approach, they would be best served by debriefing with their NRP Instructor so that the nature of the knowledge gaps can be identified and measures taken to positively reinforce learning.  Only after this debrief should they re-attempt the online exam and attend a face-to-face course.

7th edition
The exam has unlimited attempts; therefore they should be able to complete it prior to attending the course.


Last updated: Mar 7 2017