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Canadian Paediatric Society

Becoming a registered NRP Instructor


  • Physicians, registered nurses, registered midwives, or respiratory therapists are eligible to apply.
  • Other health professionals approved by their Provincial NRP Committee may be eligible on approval.
  • The individual should have relevant experience in neonatal care.
  • The individual should have a sponsoring institution that normally provides NRP courses.


  • Successful completion of an NRP Provider course, with all lessons completed within 24 months prior to the Instructor course; and

  • Knowledge of current updates, Canadian recommendations, and changes.

Instructor training and registration

Step 1: Successfully complete the NRP Online exam within 30 days of an NRP Instructor course. (Note: If you have completed the online exam within 12 months of the Instructor course, you may not be required to re-take the exam; however, you will still be required to provide your Instructor Trainer with the certificate of completion.)  

Step 2: Successfully complete an NRP Instructor course.

Step 3: Successfully “team teach” at least one NRP Provider course, supervised by an NRP Instructor Trainer (IT) or delegate (as identified by an IT), within six months of the Instructor course.

Step 4: Register as an NRP Instructor with the CPS by completing an Instructor Registration Form, returning it to CPS with $115 plus the applicable taxes registration fee (payable every three years), and attach the NRP Online exam certificate of completion. Once registered, Instructors will receive a new ID number and card. The renewal date will begin on the date of your last completed “team teach.”


  • If you are a current NRP Provider and none of the above methods are available to you, contact your provincial NRP regional/provincial committee.
  • The Instructor Registration Form must be signed by the Instructor Trainer/delegate who supervised your “team teach” demonstration course.
  • If the Instructor course is in a different province than the province in which you will be teaching, you must request approval from your regional/provincial committee prior to taking the course.
  • The NRP provincial committees reserve the right to appeal an Instructor registration if the candidate does not meet the eligibility criteria.   

Last updated: Jun 15 2018