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Canadian Paediatric Society

Becoming an NRP Provider

Who can become an NRP Provider?

Anyone who is required to participate in any part of a neonatal resuscitation within their scope of practice may apply to take a course. To read the full registration and eligibility guidelines, click here.

The individual should be:

  • A licensed or regulated health professional; or
  • A health professional student; or
  • Accepted into a course at the discretion of the Provincial Committee in jurisdictions where no official organization regulates or licenses the individual or their clinical role. Approval must be received by Regional/Provincial representative prior to attending a provider course. 

To become a registered NRP Provider:

  • Successfully complete the online exam and all the performance criteria (ISSA) of the NRP Provider Course to the level appropriate to your need (Modules 1-11, with respective Basic or Advanced ISSA).
  • You must also understand the Canadian guidelines and recommendations as they pertain to a Provider.
  • Once your Provider course is complete, your instructor must include your name in their course roster and submit the roster to the Canadian Paediatric Society. An email will be sent directly to you with information on how to retrieve your card. 

Roles and responsibilities of the NRP Provider:

  • Providers should deliver care according to current national standards of care relevant to their profession and experience, recognizing that NRP is an educational tool and does not imply or regulate clinical competence.
  • Providers are encouraged to review and perform all components of the NRP Course on a regular basis, including new guidelines.
  • Providers should know their own limitations, and seek resources and assistance when required.

Last updated: Jan 24 2018