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Canadian Paediatric Society

Immigrant and refugee health

Canada has one of the highest rates of immigration in the world, and a significant number of these newcomers are children and youth. Children and youth new to Canada do not enjoy the same sustained high standard of health as their Canadian-born peers. Health and well-being are critical to success in life, and to one’s ability to contribute to society.



Practice tools and guidelines

  • Caring for Kids New to Canada: Paediatricians and family physicians and other health care providers across Canada care for immigrant and refugee children and youth every day. This website for health professionals includes information and resources to enhance patient care. A useful starting point is this collection of some of the site’s key resources.
  • Transracial adoption, a position statement of the Community Paediatrics Committee.
  • Position statements and practice points from the CPS Infectious Diseases and Immunization Committee.

Paediatrics & Child Health

Professional Education

  • eCME: Caring for Kids New to Canada provides knowledge and resources on the unique health needs of newcomer children and youth. Participants will learn how to provide care in a culturally appropriate manner and support patients’ ability to access and utilize health services.

Information for sharing with parents and caregivers

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Last updated: Sep 22 2017