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Canadian Paediatric Society

Global Child Health

ThÏe Canadian Paediatric Society has many members who care for children and youth outside of Canada. Because of this, global child health is a growing priority area for the organization.

The CPS provides a network for paediatricians and other health professionals interested in working overseas and in low- and middle-income countries. The Global Child & Youth Health Section helps educate CPS members on relevant global child and youth health issues and advocates on international child health issues, including working to establish partnerships with the federal government, as well as to national and international non-governmental organizations.

Educational tools & resources 

  • Global child health curriculum: A training program that provides Canadian Paediatric trainees with foundational knowledge around global child health issues. CPS members can download the curriculum for free.
  • Healthy Child Uganda (HCU): A community-based health education partnership between the Universities of Calgary and Dalhousie, the CPS, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) and poor, rural communities in southwest Uganda. HCU works with local citizens to identify and solve problems that most impact their children’s health. Known locally as Omwaana N’amagara Marungi, HCU helps develop training programs and provide support services for children. 
  • Caring for Kids New to Canada: A guide for health professionals working with immigrant and refugee children and youth. 


Information for parents and caregivers


Last updated: Sep 22 2017