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Children with School Problems

Paediatricians and family physicians see increasing numbers of children who are struggling in school. Children with School Problems: A Physician’s Manual is the first Canadian book specifically tailored for the needs of physicians working with kids who have learning disabilities and other difficulties in the classroom.

Published in September 2012, the book covers areas such as child development, school readiness, diagnosing different types of learning problems (including data gathering, screening and assessment, and physical examination), management (medication, behavioral management, and educational interventions), and prevention (including literacy promotion).

Written and reviewed by paediatricians from the Canadian Paediatric Society, Children with School Problems is filled with practical tools and resources that physicians—including paediatricians, family physicians, and paediatric learners—can use to diagnose and treat children with learning problems.

Preview the book: Have a look at the table of contents.

Buy the book: Children with School Problems is available from your preferred online retailer, or directly from the publisher:

Editorial board: Children with School Problems was written and edited by a group of developmental paediatricians, and reviewed by members of the Canadian Paediatric Society.


Dr. Debra Andrews is one of the original contributing authors to Children with School Problems: A Physician’s Manual, and is currently associate professor of pediatrics and divisional director for developmental pediatrics at the University of Alberta. She is medical director of two tertiary interdisciplinary programs at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital that provide assessment and intervention for children with complex learning and behavioural problems. Dr. Andrews divides her time between providing clinical care to this population and teaching medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing physicians how to assess and care for children with developmental disorders.

Dr. William Mahoney is one of the co-editors of the first edition (1998) of Children with School Problems: A Physician’s Manual and a contributing author. He is a clinical associate professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, and former medical director of the Developmental Pediatric, Rehabilitation, and Autism Programs of McMaster Children’s Hospital. He teaches about developmental problems to all levels of trainees, and participates in research in acquired brain injury in children and the genetics of autism spectrum disorders. He provides clinical care for children with developmental problems, including children with learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Contributing authors: Dr. Brenda Clark (Edmonton, Alta.), Dr. Cara Dosman (Edmonton, Alta.), Dr. G. Tyna Doyle (St. John’s, Nfld.), Dr. Barbara Fitzgerald (Vancouver, B.C.), Dr. A. Mervyx Fox (London, Ont.), Dr Ana Hanlon-Dearman (Winnipeg, Man.), Dr. Helena Ho (Vancouver, B.C.), Dr. Janet Kawchuk (Halifax, N.S.), Dr. Elizabeth Mickelson (Vancouver, B.C.), Dr. Ruth Neufeld (Saskatoon, Sask.), Dr. S. Wendy Roberts (Toronto, Ont.), Dr. Sarah Shea (Halifax, N.S.).

Downloadable tools

Children with School Problems includes a number of resources designed to be copied and used in the clinical setting. We’ve collected some of them here:

Please consult the book for information on how to use these resources.



Last updated: Oct 26 2017