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Canadian Paediatric Society

Past conference

7th International Meeting on Indigenous Child Health

March 31-April 2, 2017 in Denver, Colorado

Stay tuned for information on the next IMICH conference, scheduled for 2019 in Canada.

Educational sessions/Handout materials

NOTE: Only sessions with slides or handouts are listed here. For complete programming, click on the image above.


Friday, March 31

Concurrent Session B

B1Sacred Babies: An Infant Survival Guide for Home Visitors Working in Indigenous Communities
Rhonda Campbell, RN, BN, MSc (Pine Creek Ojibway Nation)
Wanda Phillips-Beck, RN, BN, MSc (First Nation)

Interrupting the Cycle of Intergenerational Substance Abuse through Positive Parenting
Summer Rosenstock, MHS, PhD
B2Determinants of Physical Activity and Nutrition among Aboriginal Children
Lorrilee McGregor, MA (Anishinaabe from Whitefish River First Nation)

The Together on Diabetes Program: Addressing Diabetes among American Indian Youth and Their Families
Marissa Begay, BA (Navajo)
Nicole Neault, MPH

Infant-feeding Practices and the Gut Microbiome of American Indian and Alaska Native Infants
Anna Zamora-Kapoor, PhD
B3The Journey of Two Feathers: Caring for Indigenous Transgender Youth
Shaquita Bell, MD, FAAP (Cherokee)
Tavis Taylor, MD (Western Band Cherokee)

Evaluation of the White Mountain Apache Suicide Surveillance and Prevention System
Mary Cwik, PhD
B4Healthy Inuit Communities - What Works!
Tina Buckle, RN, BN, CCHN(c)
Jenny Lyall, BEd, BSW (Inuit)

AaniishNaaGegii? Applying the Aboriginal Children’s Health and Well-being Measure in Practice
Mary Jo Wabano, MHK, BA (Odawa)
Nancy Young, PhD
B5Addressing the History and Legacy of Residential Schools. A Challenge for Us All
John Stewart, MEd

General Plenary - Social Determinants: An International Perspective

Good Health Care Does Make a Difference. Decrease in Diabetes‐related End‐stage Renal Disease among American Indians and Alaska Natives
Ann Bullock, MD (Minnesota Chippewa Tribe)

Race/Ethnicity as a Social Determinant of the Health of Women, Children and Adolescents in Latin America
Sonja Caffe, PhD, MPH

Social Determinants of Health: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
Jane Freemantle, PhD

Determinants of Health and Indigenous Peoples
Margo Greenwood, PhD (Cree)

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Saturday, April 1

General Plenary Suicide Prevention

Towards Health Equity for Inuit: A presentation on the National Inuit Suicide Prevention Strategy
Natan Obed, ITK President (Inuit)

Concurrent Session C

C1First Nations, Inuit and Metis Child Health in Canada: A Decade of Collaboration, Resource Development and Knowledge Exchange
Margo Greenwood, PhD (Cree)

Being at the Interface: Early Childhood as a Determinant of Indigenous Children’s Health in Canada
Margo Greenwood, PhD (Cree)
C2Environmental Health and Respiratory Disease, Part 1: Indoor Air Quality
AJ Salkoski, MA
Rosalyn Singleton, MD, MPH
Thomas Kovesi, MD

Environmental Health and Respiratory Disease, Part 2: Indoor Plumbed Water
Timothy Thomas, MD
Thomas Hennessy, MD, MPH
C3From Jordan’s Principle to Well Implemented Policy: Achieving Equitable Service for First Nations Children
Vandna Sinha, PhD

Developing an Inuit Approach to Developmental Screening and Assessment
Anna Claire Ryan, MPH
C4Improving Accessibility and Cultivating Interest: A Model for Encouraging Higher Education among Indigenous Populations
Wesley Cote, BSocSc (Anishinabe (Algonquin) Nation)
David D’Arienzo, BSc

Key Levers in Preparing and Supporting Indigenous Youth for Higher Education
Rochelle Van Dijk, MA (Cherokee)
C5Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Prevention, Intervention and Support
Kathleen Tavenner Mitchell, MHS, LCADC

What Does “FASD” Really Mean: Diagnosis and Prevention: Guidelines across the Lifespan
Christine Ann Loock, MD, FRCPC

Concurrent Session D

D1Birthing Experiences in Northern and Remote Communities
Jaime Cidro, PhD (Anishnawbe)
Elisabeth Dolin, RM

Supporting Pregnant Women in a First Nations Community. The ENRICH First Nations Project
Richard Oster, PhD

What are the Prenatal and Birth Experiences of Metis Women in Northern Manitoba, Canada?
Julianne Sanguins, RN, PhD
D2Towards a Policy on Ethnicity and Health for the Region of the Americas: Developments from PAHO on
Indigenous Health

Sandra del Pino, JD

Child, Family and Community: Generating Changes from Within; an Experience with Wayuu Indigenous Groups in La Guajira, Colombia
Luz Angela Artunduaga, MD, MPH
D3Updates on Indigenous Children’s Oral Health
Robert Schroth, PhD, DMD, MSc

A field investigation of dental caries in rural Alaska Native children
Eric Foote, MD, MS, BS

Dental Cavities in Alaska Native Children-An update on ongoing research and public health practice activities in Alaska
Thomas Hennessy, MD, MPH

Role of Indigenous Mothers in Infant Oral Care
Herenia Lawrence, PhD, MSc, DDS
Amy Nahwegahbow, BA (Ojibwe – Whitefish River First Nation)
D4Parenting Bundles
Allison Fisher (Odawa-Pottawatomi)
Carlie Chase CHRP (Shuswap)

Off the Reservation
Shaquita Bell, MD, FAAP (Cherokee)
D5Exploring Why Canadian First Nations’ Children Rank First in Pediatric Unintentional Injuries
Richard Stanwick, MD

Epidemiology and Prevention of Injuries among Native Americans
Carol W. Runyan, MPH, PhD

General Plenary - Early Interventions to Mitigate Adverse Childhood Experiences

Getting to the Roots: What Happens to the Child Affects the Adult
Ann Bullock, MD (Minnesota Chippewa Tribe)

Family Spirit: An Indigenous Solution to Changing Children’s Life Course Trajectories Beginning with
Parents in Pregnancy

Allison Barlow, PhD, MA, MPH

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Sunday, April 2

Concurrent Session E

E1Maternal Immunization: Two for One
Laura Hammitt, MD

Antenatal Influenza and Pertussis Uptake among Aboriginal Mothers in Australia
Annette Regan, PhD, MPH

Developing Maternal Tdapimmunization Coverage Measures: The IHS Experience
Cheyenne Jim, MS, BS (Navajo)

Uptake of Recommended Maternal Vaccines among Navajo and White Mountain Apache Women: Successes and Challenges
Jessica Atwell, PhD, MPH

CDC Tribal Zika Response
Delight Satter, MPH (Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde)
E2Investing in the Future: Inuit Early Childhood Development in Inuit Nunangat
Julie-Ann Berthe (Inuit)
Jenny Lyall, BEd, BSN (Inuit)
Maria Storr, BEduc (Inuvialuit)
Lena Egotak (Inuit)
Anna Claire Ryan, MPH

Contributing to Inuit Early Childhood Education Katiqsugat: Inuit Early Learning Resources
Lena Egotak (Inuit)
Anna Claire Ryan, MPH
E3Sociocognitive Predictors of Condom Use Intention Using Protection Motivation Theory among American Indian Adolescents
Angelita Lee (White Mountain Apache)

Increasing the Uptake of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine among Indigenous Youth
Amy Groom, MPH

Promoting Positive Protective Factors and Ethnic Identity for Reducing Behavioral Health Disparities among American Indian Adolescents
Francene Larzelere-Hinton, BA (White Mountain Apache)
E4Aboriginal Children’s Hurt and Healing Initiative: Art from the Heart
Margot Latimer, RN, PhD
John R. Sylliboy, MAEd (Mikmaw Nation – Millbrook First Nation)

Child Abuse Cases in Native Populations: What Can We Learn from Them
Ryan Brown, MD, FAAP (Choctaw and Chickasaw)

Closing Ceremony

Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities: A Life Course Perspective
Sonja Caffe, PhD, MPH, Pan American Health Organization

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