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Canadian Paediatric Society

Clinical practice: Tools and education

Clinical tools

Position statements from the CPS

Video presentations

  • Economic Benefits of Early Childhood Education: Craig Alexander, former TD Bank Economist, describes the economic benefits of investing in the next generation of workers. Produced by The Atkinson Centre: promoting research on child development, and the development of early learning policy and practice that serve young children and their families.
  • The Amazing Talents of the Newborn:  Dr. Emmett Francoeur (Montreal Children’s Hospital) and Dr. Jean Clinton (McMaster University, Hamilton) discuss the development of the social brain, new evidence of the environment’s  impact on epigenetics and development, and practical methods of applying this information in the clinical exam of the newborn. Both speakers are members of the CPS Early Years Task Force. Recorded June 19, 2013 in Edmonton, Alta.
  • You are what your genes experience: Video presentation by Dr. Clyde Hertzman, 2011

Journal articles

Community connections

Connecting families with resources in their communities is an important role for health professionals. Here are some links to help find local resources.

Some communities have also developed “pathways” to resources and services for young children. Here are some examples:


Last updated: Sep 22 2017