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Management of HIV-exposed and HIV-infected children

Posted: Aug 1 2010 | Reaffirmed: Feb 28 2018

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Principal author(s)

JL Robinson; Canadian Paediatric Society, Infectious Diseases and Immunization Committee

Paediatr Child Health 2010;15(6):379

The management of HIV-exposed and HIV-infected children has been improved by the introduction of new testing methods and of new antiretroviral agents. Whenever practical, such children should be cared for in consultation with paediatric infectious disease physicians with HIV expertise. Physicians caring for these children should refer to the United States National Institutes of Health guidelines, which are continuously updated. Physicians should keep in mind that the availability date of new antiretroviral agents and of paediatric formulations of antiretroviral agents differs in Canada versus the United States, with variation in which country first licenses these products. Issues on testing for HIV infection in pregnancy, benefit of early detection and prevalence of disease can be found in a previous Canadian Paediatric Society statement titled “Testing for HIV infection in pregnancy[1].

This document replaces the previous Canadian Paediatric Society statement published in 2004.


Members: Robert Bortolussi MD (chair); Jane Finlay MD; Jane C McDonald MD; Heather Onyett MD; Joan L Robinson MD; Élisabeth Rousseau-Harsany MD (board representative)
Liaisons: Upton D Allen MD, Canadian Pediatric AIDS Research Group; Charles PS Hui MD, CPS Liaison to Health Canada, Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel; Nicole Le Saux MD, Immunization Program, ACTive; Larry Pickering MD, American Academy of Pediatrics; Marina I Salvadori MD, CPS Liaison to Health Canada, National Advisory Committee on Immunization 
Consultants: James Kellner MD; Noni E MacDonald MD; Dorothy L Moore MD
Principal author: Joan L Robinson MD


  1. Robinson JL; Canadian Paediatric Society, Infectious Diseases and Immunization Committee. Testing for HIV infection in pregnancy. Paediatr Child Health 2008;13:221-4.

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Last updated: Apr 6 2018