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Canadian Paediatric Society

Module 1 – Global Child Mortality

What’s in this module?

This module begins with an outline of the trends in childhood mortality worldwide over recent decades, in the context of Millennium Development Goals (MDG), before more closely examining the current scope of global child mortality. Specific attention is directed to the timing and causes of under-five mortality on a global scale. The second section introduces a number of proven interventions for both prevention and treatment of common neonatal and childhood causes of mortality, and stimulates discussion around the potential barriers to their widespread implementation. This module ends with some discussion around ways that Canadian paediatricians can potentially advocate for, and impact global child mortality, and offers an optional practical exercise for residents to apply their knowledge.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the epidemiology of under-five mortality on a global scale.
  • Identify the root causes of global child mortality.
  • Discuss proven interventions and possible solutions for global child mortality.
  • Consider how Canadian paediatricians might support global efforts.

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Last updated: Oct 12 2018