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Canadian Paediatric Society


With cannabis legalization imminent, surveillance program launches study on serious and life-threatening events in paediatric patients due to non-medical cannabis use

Topic(s): Surveillance

As legalized cannabis becomes available in Canada for adults, a Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program study is watching for Canadian children and youth seeking medical attention for serious and life-threatening events due to recreational cannabis use.  

Study gathering data on early signs of childhood Lyme disease

Topic(s): Surveillance

A new Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program study is collecting Lyme disease data to help paediatricians recognize and treat the disease more quickly, and to help establish preventive measures.


Study examines incidence and nature of childhood tuberculosis disease

Topic(s): Surveillance

Investigators of a new Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program study are working to document all cases of childhood TB disease, looking at how diagnoses are made, how TB is acquired, complications and/or co-morbidities, treatment drug regimens and compliance, adverse effects of medications and changes in drug sensitivity over time.


Study investigates alcohol use and abuse by young Canadians

Topic(s): SurveillanceAdvocacy

Alcohol is the most commonly used drug by Canadian adolescents, and can lead to a host of negative short and long-term outcomes. Understanding more about youth drinking can help develop more effective strategies for treatment and prevention, leading to both social and economic benefits. That’s one of the aims of a new study in the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program.