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Canadian Paediatric Society


Paediatrics with Team Broken Earth, Port au Prince, Haiti

Topic(s): Advocacy

Since 2012, Dr. Leigh Anne Newhook has had five week-long trips to Haiti as a paediatrician with Team Broken Earth. Haiti is considered the poorest country in the western world. Prevalent conditions in the paediatric population include injuries, TB, HIV/AIDS, meningitis, sepsis, pneumonia, hydrocephalus, malnutrition and illness related to contaminated water. Despite this, the spirit, determination and warmth of the local Haitian staff, patients and families keep Dr. Newhook coming back.


Reflections on global health for newborns and mothers

Topic(s): Advocacy

Dr. Andrew Lynk, CPS President, recently attended the Saving Every Woman, Saving Every Child Summit in Toronto where the Canadian government pledged $3.5-billion for 2015-2020 to address priority issues around maternal, newborn and child health in 10 low-income countries. The upcoming Canadian investments in global newborn health represent an opportunity for our CPS sections and members to get involved, and make a difference. 


CPS website targets professionals working with newcomer families

Topic(s): AdvocacyProfessional education

Children and youth new to Canada do not enjoy the same health status as their Canadian-born peers. That’s why the Canadian Paediatric Society wants to ensure that physicians, nurses and other health care practitioners caring for immigrant and refugee kids have what they need to provide the best possible care.


CPS statement draws attention to need for improved child death review

Topic(s): Advocacy

Alberta Human Services Minister Manmeet Bhullar said in January that the province would change reporting rules and examine options for the review of all child deaths in Alberta. This announcement was made at the province’s Roundtable on Death and Serious Injury in Children. Dr. Jennifer MacPherson, a Calgary paediatrician, was presenting the CPS statement on child and youth death review during this event; she believes evidence cited in the statement may have had an impact on Alberta’s decision to examine its death review system.


Long-time CPS member encourages physician advocacy: ‘Give that little bit extra for better care’

Topic(s): AdvocacyMembership

Dr. Barry Adams has been a CPS member for nearly 50 years. As paediatric medicine continues to change, Dr. Adams hopes to see more paediatricians become involved in the CPS and become advocates. It’s rewarding work, he said, and essential for health professionals to strive for better health care for all kids, not just their own patients.


CPS advocates bike helmets for all cyclists

Topic(s): AdvocacyPosition statements / practice pointsPublic education

Bicycle helmets reduce the risk of head injuries and should be legislated for all ages across Canada, said the Canadian Paediatric Society in a recent position statement. Cycling is the leading cause of sport and recreational injury in children and adolescents, accounting for four per cent of all injuries seen in the emergency department and seven per cent of all hospital admissions for unintentional injury.


Halifax paediatricians honoured for developing health information system for Belize

Topic(s): AdvocacyMembership

Dr. Michael Graven and Dr. Noni MacDonald of Dalhousie University/IWK Health Centre were named Professional of Distinction by Nova Scotia’s Discovery Centre for developing a fully integrated health information system that has dramatically improved health care in Belize—all for the annual cost of just four dollars per citizen.


Paediatric residents shine light on child poverty

Topic(s): Advocacy

National Resident Advocacy Day, now in its third year, gives residents hands-on experience in the CanMEDS role of health advocate and helps to raise awareness about critical child and youth health issues. For 2013, residents focused on child poverty, in part because of the impact it can have on long-term health.


Halifax paediatricians work with community to improve pre-schooler nutrition

Topic(s): Public educationAdvocacy

The keys to successful paediatric advocacy are community engagement, collaboration and simple messaging, according to Dr. Tara Chobotuk and Dr. Heather Rose, who launched a campaign encouraging Halifax preschoolers to drink water between meals.


Proposed legislation may designate smoke-free play spaces in Victoria, B.C.

Topic(s): Advocacy

Dr. Richard Stanwick is leading the charge for laws that would keep smokers well away from outdoor recreational spaces. In fact, the latest Surgeon General’s report states that there is no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke, said Dr. Stanwick, who is also past president of the CPS.