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Detention is still harming children at the US border

Topic(s): Advocacy

Migration is a long standing and complex issue with many causes and outcomes. At this critical moment it is important to reaffirm that the primary obligation of all healthcare practitioners is the health and wellbeing of anyone needing our care.

What we can do for separated migrant children in the U.S.

Topic(s): Advocacy

In the wake of the ongoing tragedy at the U.S. border, what can Canadians expect as the summer months unfold? And more importantly, what can we do to ensure we treat children and their families with dignity, humanity, and compassion?

Social paediatrics Hub meets children and families where they live

Topic(s): Advocacy

Based on the model developed by Dr. Gilles Julien, considered the father of social paediatrics in Canada, the Vanier Hub is based on the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and designed to consider the holistic needs of the child living within their family and community.

Children need healthy communities

Topic(s): Advocacy

The first step to improving child health and wellbeing in Northern Ontario is to focus on improving community health. That’s the message from participants at a forum co-hosted by the CPS and the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority (SLFNHA) in January.

Truth and Reconciliation: As paediatricians, how can we make a difference?

Topic(s): Advocacy

Many Canadians wonder what they can do to be an active participant in reconciliation. We’ve pulled out a few recommendations from the Truth and Reconicilation Commission of Canada's report that have particular relevance for child and youth health, along with some suggestions for action. If you have other ideas, or are already taking action, please tell us your story.

Paediatricians and social media: Why it’s time to join the conversation

Topic(s): AdvocacyPublic educationMembership

Are you still on the fence about joining social media? CPS President Dr. Mike Dickinson has embraced his new role as a “tweetiatrician,” and feels it’s important for other doctors to do the same.


Alberta kids with type 1 diabetes need better support at school

Topic(s): Advocacy

Pediatric residents from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary are advocating for change when it comes to kids with type 1 diabetes and school policy. 


How can we model the RCPSC Health Advocate CanMEDS role?

Topic(s): Advocacy

Dr. Eleanor MacDougall talks about the vital advocacy role of PGY3 residents in the University of Manitoba’s Paediatric Residency Program.


To make change, stay focused and be authentic: Physician advocates for refugee health

Topic(s): AdvocacyProfessional education

As the first planes carrying Syrian refugees to Canada were heading toward Toronto in December, two of the city’s foremost physician advocates for newcomer health were sharing their experiences with more than 100 webinar participants across Canada. 


Some of the most complex needs of my patients stem from poverty and not disease alone

Topic(s): Advocacy

How does a physician properly evaluate a learning problem when a child’s basic needs are unmet?