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Canadian Paediatric Society

Why we advocate

Since 1922, the Canadian Paediatric Society has advocated for the health, safety and well-being of children and youth through improved public policy. Today, decision-makers recognize the CPS as a leader in evidence-based information. The CPS is regularly called upon to provide expert advice on how legislation and programs can best meet the needs of children and youth. Our public policy advocacy efforts build on decades of work persuading governments to take paediatric issues seriously.

It can be difficult to predict which issues will dominate, even in the short-term. But the health and well-being of Canada’s children and youth cannot depend on unpredictable forces such as changing governments, financial turmoil, and events beyond our borders. Governments must develop mechanisms to systematically evaluate and assess all policies and programs that affect children and youth—regardless of ministry, department or even jurisdiction.

Among the many successful public policy initiatives that the CPS and its members have helped achieve are: protection of children and youth from second-hand smoke, the mandatory use of booster seats for children in some provinces, bike helmet legislation, and publicly-funded immunization.

Volunteer leaders and senior staff at the CPS are involved in advocacy at the national and provincial/territorial levels. CPS members across the country are advocates and leaders in their own communities.


Last updated: Jun 1 2012