Immunization Competencies Education Program

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Immunizations are being provided by a growing number and wider range of health professionals. The CPS recognizes the importance of providing interdisciplinary education in this area.

The Immunization Competencies Education Program (ICEP) is a 1-day course based on the Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals, which were created by the Professional Education Working Group of the Public Health Agency of Canada. The competencies reflect a national consensus on the education and training required by immunization providers.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this continuing education course the health professional will be better able to:

  • Understand the importance of the key principles of the Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals when integrating immunization into their practice setting.
  • Counsel patients regarding many of the key immunization issues
  • Increase the public's confidence in vaccines
  • Promote safe and competent immunization practices
  • Work collaboratively with other professionals to promote cooperation on important public health issues such as immunization

The course is open to residency programs in paediatrics, community, family medicine, adult infectious disease, internal medicine, gynecology and pharmacy (complimentary registration), as well as physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

Last updated: May 27 2014