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Professional online education is a convenient way to update your paediatric knowledge at your own pace. The CPS works with content experts and electronic instructional designers to create courses that focus on the most current medical knowledge available. The CPS ensures that all content is evidence-based, balanced, up-to-date and accredited for Royal College MOC credits. Courses are developed through unrestricted education grants.

Now available:

Caring for Kids New to Canada

Featuring information and resources on the unique health needs of newcomer children and youth. Participants will learn how to provide care in a culturally appropriate manner and support patients' ability to access and utilize health services. 

Education Program for Immunization Competencies (COUPON CODE for members only) – Updated March 31, 2015

An in-depth review of the Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals, a national consensus on the education and training required by immunization providers. All 14 learning modules have been reviewed and updated by an interdisciplinary team of experts and the program is accredited for 22.0 credit hours.

Indigenous Child and Youth Health in Canada

Indigenous peoples in Canada face unique health challenges. There are many factors that play a role in their health including genetic factors, geographic factors, and a unique history that continues to play a strong role. Some of these factors are shared by other people in Canada but many are unique to indigenous peoples. The goal of this eCME is to give a basic overview of the important aspects of the health of Indigenous children and youth in Canada.

Reducing dental caries in preschool children: a primer for non-dental health care professionals

Oral health is an important issue for all health care professionals involved in childhood and adolescent health care as these practitioners play an important role in identifying children at risk, and helping children and their families gain access to dental care. Participants will learn to describe common pediatric dental health problems, including dental caries, to discuss the role of fluoride in preventing dental caries including the evidence for efficacy and safety, to assess dental caries risk in pediatric patients and make appropriate referrals to accessible dental practitioners, to Understand the impacts of the disparity of oral health resources in Canada’s Aboriginal and rural children and to perform a pediatric oral health exam and identify early signs of dental decay. The aim of this lesson is to increase competency of non-dental healthcare providers in providing oral health guidance and preventive care to children and their families and to raise awareness of the high prevalence and severity of caries among Canadian Aboriginal children.

Paediatric Update 2013 (expiring this May)

If you missed this session at the 2013 CPS Annual Conference, here’s your chance to get up-to-date and practical information on these hot topics. 

Paediatric Update 2014

If you missed this session at the 2014 CPS Annual Conference, here’s your chance to get up-to-date and practical information on these hot topics. 


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Last updated: Apr 20 2015