Noni MacDonald Award

Established in 2004, the Noni MacDonald Award is given annually in honour of the founding editor of Paediatrics & Child Health, the peer-reviewed journal of the Canadian Paediatric Society. It recognizes an author(s) whose article, published in the journal during the nomination year, has positively affected paediatrics, such as by raising awareness of an issue, presenting new scientific research, or instigating or potentially instigating change.

The recipient is awarded a Canadian work of art during the CPS Annual General Meeting in June.

Current recipient(s): Sarah E. Lawrence MD, et al

Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group extension to WHO growth charts: Why bother?

In response to concerns from CPEG members and the general paediatric community regarding the presentation of the WHO data, complementary curves were generated, which the authors believe enhance clarity, reduce potential errors in classification and enable users to better track short-term changes, particularly for weight in older children. 

Published in Paediatrics & Child Health’s June-July 2013 issue, this winning article succinctly presents these complementary curves; specifically, the curves extend weight-for-age beyond 10 years of age, restore additional percentiles within the normal range, remove extreme percentiles and harmonize the choice of body mass index percentiles with adult definitions of overweight and obesity.

Sarah Lawrence studied Medicine at Dalhousie University, Pediatrics at the University of Ottawa and Endocrinology at McGill University. She has been practicing Pediatric Endocrinology at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa for 19 years and is currently Division Head of Endocrinology. Academically, she has primarily been focused in medical education.  More recently she has been working with of the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group (CPEG) in the evaluation of growth charts in Canada and the development of complementary CPEG charts.  She is accepting this award on behalf her co-authors and colleagues who have worked tirelessly as part of the CPEG Growth Charts Working Group: Jean Pierre Chanoine, Beth Cummings, Dan Metzger, Mark Palmert, Celia Rodd and Atul Sharma.

About Dr. Noni MacDonald

Dr. Noni MacDonald has had a distinguished career in paediatric medicine and is a tireless advocate for the health and well-being of children and youth. She has held several university and hospital appointments, published extensively, garnered generous research support over many years, and contributes her expertise to numerous federal and provincial regulatory bodies. Dr. MacDonald is the founding editor of Paediatrics & Child Health and remains its editor-in-chief. She is firmly committed to the journal’s mission to advocate for the health of all children and youth in Canada and to bring the best research and information to their health care providers.


Deadline: Jan 15
  • Nominee(s) must have published an article in Paediatrics & Child Health in the previous year.
  • The article published must have contributed to changes in policy or practice that have improved, or have the potential to improve, the health of children and/or youth.
  • A selection panel will rate each nomination on these criteria:
    • significance of contribution,
    • importance of subject or problem,
    • quality of presentation.
  • Nominees need not be CPS members.
  • Members of the following groups are not eligible for the award:
    • Paediatrics & Child Health Editorial Board
    • CPS Board of Directors
    • CPS Awards Committee


  • A letter of support from the nominator clearly describing this contribution using the criteria listed above. Maximum three pages.

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Past recipients

2013 Kristy Wittmeier PhD and Dr. Brandy Wicklow
2012 Dr. Moshe Ipp and Dr. Anna Taddio
2011 Dr. Ziad Solh and Dr. Kristi Adamo PhD
2010 Dr. Daniel Trefler
2009 Dr. Robert Harrison
2008 Rita Paul Sen-Gupta, Margaret L. de Wit and Dr. David McKeown
2007 Drs. Susan Rvachew and Robert Savage
2006 Dr. Harvey Guyda
2005 Dr. Alice Chan-Yip

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