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Canadian Paediatric Society

Clinical practice: Tools and resources

Physicians play an important role in helping children and youth lead healthy lives. Watch our video to find out why this is so important then use our resources and tools to counsel about healthy active living in your practice.



  • How much time does the family spend on sedentary activities and physical activity? Watch our video to find out why asking at every visit matters.
  • What are the barriers to doing more physical activity? Watch our video for tips and practical suggestions on how to find solutions to the things that prevent them from being more active.
  • Using motivational interviewing (MI), a patient-centered, goal-oriented evidence-based counseling method that combines supportive and empathetic counseling to help motivate patients. It can be useful in encouraging lifestyle changes.


CPS materials may be printed at no cost. Most can also be ordered from the CPS Bookstore

Last updated: Dec 19 2014